There are 4 important reasons to sign up for the Email Extra.

1. The obvious one: you get a reminder one day prior for the location(s) you like to play at.

2. You get a heads up of the 3 games we are going to be playing for that week.

3. You receive a notice for every new location that pops up around town.

4. This is the important one! You get a bonus question only available to subscribers of the Email Extra. Bring the answer with you to any show and redeem it for a bonus point during any one round. It gets added to your point total for that round AND to your total score overall for the evening! That could just be the edge you need to win the big prize at your venue!

Sign up below, and be sure to choose the location or locations that you want notifications about. The email is a professional email, so you can change your settings to add or subtract locations, forward to a friend, or unsubscribe at any time!


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