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About me: my name is Keith Meyers

I've been in the board game industry for more than 25 years, with about half that time spent as a board game, card game and party game inventor. I love lending a helping hand to those interested in getting started in this playful and amazing field. You can find out more about that at my website, Game Design Central, here.

I've also been hosting trivia nights in some local bars and grills for a while. I love the social aspect of play – getting a group together for some laughs and good conversation. Trivia nights do this... but I find a few things lacking.

1. You sometimes get a truly brainy table running away with top points and all the prizes... not fun for the rest of us!

2. I don't know about the rest of the country, but Denver is a hotbed of trivia. During the week, you can choose from over 150 places to play live trivia. So in a lot of cases, the crowd has seen it, done it. So I started thinking about what I could differently.

3. This socializing made available from trivia nights should be available in different locations several times a week. So I was determined to create something that could be offered in places already hosting trivia. I'm all about options and opportunities - people have the chance to gather together on more nights and stretch their brains in more different ways.

Which is where Mind Games Live comes in.








About Mind Games Live

There are 3 rounds per evening, each paying homage to a different board game or party game, some famous, some not-so-famous, but all FUN!

So there's plenty of variety. If you come weekly for 2 months straight, you won't play the same game twice. Through my years in the industry, I've managed to secure permission to show and play with you this gamut of great games.

And it's all about having fun while exercising your mind (it'll help you live a longer and better life y'know!). On any given round, you might deal with word play, visual acuity, or with knowledge-based games. You never know!

And I've worked in a luck factor and the chance to score some Style Points! This should help even the playing field so everyone has a fighting chance to score big and take home prizes!

So come on out and check out the latest. It's not just pub trivia anymore!



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